It’s what drives us, what brings us together, and makes life worth living. Your passion for each other, your child’s passion for sports, the passionate pursuit of an idea or a dream.

My passion is to capture the joy and excitement of your passion through my photography. The moments may be fleeting, the environment demanding, and the lighting challenging, but this is what drives me, this is what fuels my passion and helps me create unique and beautiful images.

Today’s top photography is a marriage of artistic expression and technical excellence. I use some of the world’s most advanced photographic equipment and lenses to ensure I have the best possible opportunity to capture those moments no matter how difficult the lighting and environment may be. I am also a digital artist who loves to work with original photographic images to create imaginative scenes that may not have been possible to photograph, or to simply enhance photographs to draw out subtle detail and color.

I work closely with my clients to create distinctive images that express their vision in the best possible way. I follow their passion and together we visualize how best to capture and preserve a moment in time that represents that passion. Sometimes this will be a single image and at others it will be many that together tell the story of an event that was unique and important in their lives. In every case the goal is the same – to apply my passion for photography and the digital arts to preserve for all time those moments that are most precious to you.

Bring your passion and let’s create something amazing together.